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About Jake Wallace

Born in Bakersfield, CA in 1977, I grew up in Arizona on the Colorado River. I have been backpacking and enjoying the great outdoors since I can remember. The Mammoth experience began for me in 1996, when I was just 19 years old. Like many, I came for the winter and stayed for the summer. Gravitating to restaurants and bars, I cut my teeth in fine dining and nightclub bartending, eventually learning the nuts and bolts of the business by managing restaurants for many years. In 2009 my oldest daughter was born and I suddenly realized that fatherhood is my purpose in life. In 2021, we welcomed our 4th child and first son. After living in Mammoth for many years and gaining so much local knowledge, many lifelong friends, and an ability to listen (from years as a bartender), Real Estate was the natural progression for me. Now I enjoy golfing, snowboarding, hiking, biking and just about everything that can be done outside; but fatherhood is, by far, the most fulfilling and exciting experience of all.